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The 16-acre site is located approximately five miles east of Clermont and 15 miles west of Orlando in Lake County, Florida. The site originally included a production facility, a utility building, an office building, a wastewater pond and a burn and burial pit. Agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial areas surround the site. There has been significant new development in the area in recent years. From 1957 to 1980, Tower Chemical Company manufactured and stored various pesticides at the site. In its early years of operation, the company burned and buried waste in a 1.5-acre area and discharged wastewater into a 0.5-acre unlined pond. As a result, wastewater seeped down through the soil into the Floridan Aquifer. In 1980, Tower Chemical Company disposed of wastewater on an off-site field southwest of the wastewater pond. In 1980, the wastewater pond overflowed into an on-site drainage ditch and then flowed downstream into the Gourd Neck of Lake Apopka, affecting vegetation and animals. Tower Chemical Company closed down its manufacturing operations in 1980. In 1983, EPA listed the site on the NPL. From 1981 to 1986, Classic Manufacturing Company leased a 1-acre part of the site, including the utility building, for manufacturing operations. From 1981 until 1998, Vita-Green Inc. leased the former production facility. Local officials later divided the former Tower Chemical Company property into four tax areas. The largest area is approximately 15 acres. The other three areas make up the remaining 1 acre of the site property and include the utility building and office building. The owner of the 15-acre area purchased the property in 2005 and uses it as a storage facility for recreational vehicles, boats, trailers and other vehicles. The owner cleared the collapsed part of the main production building and converted the remaining building, the concrete slab and uncontaminated land next to the area into the storage facility. In 2006, a commercial trucking operation purchased the remaining three areas at the site. The company used the property as an unpaved parking area but has recently been purchased by the storage facility.

Hazardous Ranking Score

44 / 100

A score of 28.5 or higher qualifies a site for the Superfund National Priority List.

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Contaminants & Health Effects

      Endocrine Disrupter
      Reproductive Toxin
      Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic


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