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The former Velsicol Chemical Corp. (Illinois) manufacturing facility is located in east central Illinois at the northern edge of the City of Marshall, Clark County, Illinois. The population of Clark County in 2007 was approximately 17,000 and that of Marshall in 2006 was approximately 3,700. The plant had been operating since the mid-1930's for the production of petroleum derivatives from petroleum by-products, including a variety of resins, solvents, and rubber extenders. Production of chlordane began in the mid-1940s. The manufacturing operations at the facility remained essentially unchanged until 1979, at which time Velsicol withdrew from the resin market. Manufacture of technical grade chlordane was the sole product at the facility after 1980. In August 1987 U.S. EPA announced an agreement that Velsicol was to stop selling chlordane until it could devise application techniques that would not contaminate houses. In 1988 Velsicol announced that it would cease manufacturing operations at the Marshall facility in August 1988. Velsicol's property occupies an area of approximately 270 acres, of which 86 acres were utilized for the production facility and onsite ponds. The former production facility occupied approximately 50 acres of the easterly portion of the plant area. Immediately west of the production facility, 14 acres were devoted to storm water management ponds (2 Pond, 4 Pond and North Storm Water Pond). All process wastewater (since 1965) and all surface water from the facility (since 1974) had been deep-well injected onsite. The 5/6 Pond occupied an area of approximately 22 acres and contained the majority of waste solids and sludges that were generated over the plant's lifetime, until 1980. These wastes were chemically stabilized, temporarily covered with clay, and revegetated by Velsicol in the early 1980s. The major portion of the remaining acres owned by Velsicol has been leased for crop farming. An unnamed tributary to East Mill Creek flows westerly through the southwestern corner of the site. The tributary travels approximately 2.5 miles prior to its confluence with East Mill Creek. Site Responsibility The State of Illinois, through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), with enforcement assistance by U.S. EPA, is currently conducting oversight of the remedial work being implemented by the potentially responsible party (PRP).

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      Endocrine Disrupter
      Reproductive Toxin
      Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic


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