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The one-acre Adams Plating site is located at 521 Rosemary Street on the west side of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan. The site is located in a mixed commercial and residential block. The population density in the area of the site is approximately 1,800 people per square mile. All local residents and businesses near the site receive their water from the Lansing Township Water System. The Adams Plating Company was an active electroplating operation that was located near the center of the site. The Adams Plating Company began operations in 1964 and primarily was involved in chrome, nickel, and copper electroplating. Prior to 1980, wastewater from the Adams Plating Facility was discharged to an old clay tile drain system located next to the building. After 1980, wastewater was pretreated for chromium, tin, copper, nickel, zinc, and cyanide and discharged in the sanitary sewer. In July 1980, the old clay tile drain system was ruptured during construction activities 50 feet south of the building. Later that month, green water began to enter the basement of a house located about 50 feet to the west. Analyses of the green basement water indicated the presence of chromium at 130 to 150 parts per million (ppm). In October 1982, a subsurface collection drain was installed immediately north of the house to collect chromium-contaminated seepage from the broken tile drain and groundwater and to send it to the pretreatment system. The primary problem at the site was chromium in soils. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the site to the National Priorities List (NPL) in June 1988 and finalized the site on the NPL in March 1989. On December 27, 2010, a fire destroyed the Adams Plating facility.

Hazardous Ranking Score

30 / 100

A score of 28.5 or higher qualifies a site for the Superfund National Priority List.

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      Endocrine Disrupter
      Reproductive Toxin
      Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic


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