intermountain waste oil refinery

995 SOUTH 500 WEST

The Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery site covers about two acres at 955 South 500 West in a residential/commercial area of Bountiful, Utah. Contaminants such as solvents have been found on the site and have contaminated the groundwater underlying the site. Drinking water has not been affected by this contamination. A number of different reported operations have occurred at the site, including: The site was originally part of a brick manufacturing facility, encompassing about 20 acres. Handling and refining of waste oil at the site began in 1957 and continued for approximately 35 years before ending in May 1993. In the 1950s, an asphalt business was operating on the site. The Intermountain Oil Company (IOC) operation was originally a trucking business that hauled various petroleum products to customers from the site. The oil blending business commenced in the 1970s. At the start of the oil blending business, green bottoms (a fraction of crude oil) were blended with diesel fuel and sold for dust control at coal mines. Over subsequent years, used oil replaced the green bottoms and the end product was sold to cement kilns for use as fuel. The used oil was collected from facilities in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. Waste sludge was reportedly disposed of in an off-site landfill and waste water that may have remained after the treatment process was boiled off at the site. Above-ground tanks used by IOC were located in an unpaved area surrounded by a soil berm. The business was cited a number of times by the Davis County Health Department and the State of Utah. Neighbors of the site complained of odors and health problems, which they believed were associated with the wastes at the site. The owners took steps to resolve some of these problems. The company forfeited its permit to operate on May 3, 1993. In 1993, the owners dismantled the refinery and consolidated some wastes into a pile, then covered some of the area with several inches of gravel.

Hazardous Ranking Score

50 / 100

A score of 28.5 or higher qualifies a site for the Superfund National Priority List.

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Contaminants & Health Effects

      Endocrine Disrupter
      Reproductive Toxin
      Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic


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