1995 Cleanup

Site: Brunswick Wood Preserving


Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Tags: Asbestos, Creosote, water treatment.

I worked on that site back in 1995.  We were required to be in level C protection gear while working.  Several large mounds or 'cells' were constructed on the site.  Contaminated soil was placed on these mounds and covered with tarp and secured with sandbags.  A building on site was also demolished.  The building contained asbestos tile, which had to be placed in bags for proper disposal.  Water was also treated on site.  It was pulled from a pond at what would be considered the rear of the property discharged into large "stirring" tanks, treated and then placed in a holding tank.  From there it was tested for quality before being released into the county sewer.  Large tanks on site had to be cleaned as well.  This required level B protection.  Much of the contaminants inside the tanks involved creosote.  Intense heat and a tropical depression plagued the worksite while I was there.