Hideaway Day Camp at the foot of Mt. Trashmore

Site: Moyers Landfill


Submitted: September 02, 2020

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Tags: landfill, leachate, runoff

I grew up going to a summer camp located adjacent to this landfill. As a kid, I had no idea that it even was a landfill, let alone a Superfund site. Campers would run up the hilly trail that crossed over the access road leading up to the site's cap. I think everyone assumed it was just some kind of clearing for utilities. The camp, in operation since the 60s, is named Hideaway Day Camp.

There was a lot of time spent playing in Skippack Creek, downstream from this landfill. Going for "creek walks," hunting minnows, flipping over rocks to find crayfish. It was all the stuff of nostalgia, and it felt so happy and innocent.

What a horrible thing to know that leachate from this landfill had been draining into that creek for decades. What a horrible thing to think of all the kids exposed to carcinogens, heavy metals, and radiation while digging through the creek bed sediment. What a horrible thing to have carefree childhood memories tainted with shades of dread.