My husband's grandma's home

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Author: Crystal scroggins

Submitted: October 05, 2020

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My husband grew up in elkhart his entire life, but he spent majority of his childhood at his grandma Selma Noble's house playing with his cousins. They explored and had the most epic adventures there, the kind many only read in children's books. As he grew  older he started to developed extremely painful ear infections. That's what his family thought anyway, until his first round of rumors. It was a tumor that while rarely malignant they are destruction and a very ideal environment for bacteria to breed while also finding cleaver little hiding spots. As the bacteria is rare, very old and dangerous at it's best, deadly in its peak. We have now made it threw 4 celestiatoma tumors that have left him legally deaf, and well the pseudomonadales that has been breeding in his ear and head for so long it has mutated into osteomyelitis pseudomonas and moved into his joints and bone marrow. We are still struggling with his health, and it stems from little boy playing at grandma's where he was presumed to be safe. However hiding in shadows hazardous waste was hyper breading g deadly cocktails to poison and eventually kill numerous members of our family. These companies are directly responsible for these deaths, there gross negligence and total disregard for human life are the main cause for the rare diseases that were contracted. There deaths should be cause for charges against these corporate giants that have gotten bye with numerous murders. My husband's sister recently died of a very rare form of cancer she was the 36th case world wide. So aggressive and rapidly mutating the doctors couldn't keep up with easing her symptoms let alone treatment, its mutation so rapid in fact it not only ended her life, but it done it in the most violent aggressive manner I've ever seen. This in front of her parents and sibling, leaving everpresent nightmares of her suffering and suffocating on pieces of lung tissue and blood. The grandma starved to death because her rare form of cancer decimated her stomach and her esophagus wasn't left unharmed. His cousin suffered the reproductive terrors, having 3 mentally disabled children who while alive the youngest, her son is non functioning and well her daughters are a challenge, for lack of dignified terminology regarding the matter. Grandpa, aunts, numerous cousins, I could write a short book, and still there would be cases left out. Now at first we were all contemplating poor genetics. I am a person that has to know the answer, every spec of truth and detail so my husband and I started researching everything we could find that had information regarding these death sentences, and oh there was so much, but really in comparison so little that is until we stumbled upon your site. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions. We are now looking for responsible individuals to take accountability for the murder of our family. Still fighting the bacteria that is not the kind you treat with antibiotics, because they merely feed the beast. In recent weeks we have learned my husband has developed 3 tumors this time, one on the right and two on the left. At this point fi doing a doctor is the most important  and challenging hurdle.